Tag: Dairy

  • Episode 65: Potatoes Au Gratin

    Nothing screams “comfort food” more than potatoes and dairy in the same dish, and, well, that’s exactly what this is. Noah and Louisa thinly slice a few fools who somehow manage to make it a difficult experience.

  • Episode 43: French Toast

    Have you ever wondered why this breakfast food is associated with the French? Well, Noah and Louisa have no answers for you there—but they’ll spend plenty of time talking about how to make a delicious little bread dish, and all the ways people have failed to improve upon it.

  • Episode 33: Flan

    It’s the king of custards, the despot of desserts, the envy of every other meal-ender—and, as Louisa and Noah discover, the bane of a lot of cooks cursed by iffy ovens or too willing to cut corners.

  • Episode 20: Clams Chowder

    Bowlful of red, bowlful of white, or possibly a secret third bowlful: whatever kind of mood you’re in tonight, Noah and Louisa discuss the soup that will one day draw battle-lines across the Northeast.