Tag: Potato

  • Episode 41: Potato Salad

    No summer barbecue or 4th of July cookout is complete without someone bringing a big container of this stuff. Which is interesting, because if you’ve ever talked to anyone about it, you quickly learn two things: 1) everyone has their own recipe, and 2) no one seems to actually like it all that much. Noah…

  • Episode 24: French Fries

    How is this the most sacrilegious episode we’ve done yet? Noah and Louisa discuss that most quintessential of fried-tuber side dishes, that most incorrectly-named of fast-food staples: the French fry.

  • Episode 9: Potato Leek Soup

    In the fall, a home cook’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of spuds—and, perhaps, leeks cooked in butter. Noah and Louisa discover that, no matter how simply a dish may be named, you can’t stop some people from overcomplicating it.