Tag: Vegetarian

  • Episode 74: Fried Tofu

    Tofu: good platform for flavors, decent test of your frying skills, and easy target for jokes if you don’t feel like making an effort. Noah and Louisa get into the methods, the pairings, and most of all, as always, the human-induced horrors of this versatile food.

  • Episode 49: Falafel

    Back after a two-week hiatus! Among the lordliest of the fried foods, these delicious, simple, crispy balls of ground beans and fresh herbs are some of the best things you can put in a pita. Noah and Louisa track down some tips for especial success.

  • Episode 22: Squash Soup

    Did you know squash soups don’t have to taste like you puréed a pumpkin spice latte? Did you know Noah has actually made some of the foods on the show? This time, he and Louisa get to talk about all the different ways you, too, can make your soup as gourd as possible.