Tag: Pork

  • Episode 72: Boneless Pork Chops

    Or are they porch chops? The humble, versatile, and wonderful lean cut of pork loin finally gets its due on No Substitutions, Please. Louisa and Noah tell you how to cook it properly, wax poetic about its wide range of accompaniments, and demonstrate that people will refuse to get anything right, no matter how simple.

  • Episode 56: Meatloaf

    The dish that defines cafeteria chic—if we’re assuming that “cafeteria chic” is a thing, which it isn’t. Noah and Louisa bat around some fun preparations of this comfort food classic.

  • Episode 44: Pulled Pork

    A beloved mainstay of many a summer barbecue, whether you like it with spicy vinegar, grown mustard, or that thick brown ketchup Kansas City calls barbecue sauce. Louisa discusses the importance of making an effort, while Noah tries to hang on to his faith in humanity.

  • Episode 31: Meatball Subs

    Anchors aweigh! Noah and Louisa cast off to take on these treasure-laden galleons of the sandwich fleet—or, more accurately, some of their worst captains. Do they land a broadside?

  • Episode 14: Pernil

    Something like half of Puerto Rican Christmas carols involve the key subject of cooking pork. There is a good reason for this: it’s absolutely delicious. Let Noah and Louisa tell you about this magical dish and all the ways in which it’ll make you happy.